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What are the criteria for selecting a metal injection molding process? When is the right time to choose metal injection molding process?

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Metal injection molding process is more and more mature now, and its application range is very wide.The complex shape, small size and large output of parts are the advantages of MIM technology.These features make it widely used in electronic and digital products, light weapons, watches, hand tools, orthodontic braces, automobile engine parts, electronic seals, cutting tools and sports equipment.

Then, how to determine whether a product should choose metal injection molding process, that is, what are the criteria for choosing MIM process?

1. Quality and cutting quantity: for parts with very high material loss and time-consuming processing in cutting and grinding, metal injection molding has great advantages in reducing production costs;

2. Total demand: the mold cost and r&d cost are relatively high. Therefore, when the product demand reaches or exceeds 20,000 pieces, the metal injection molding process can be selected.

3. Materials: metal injection molding process is a near net shaping technology, most attractive for parts designed from difficult-cutting materials such as titanium, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

4. Product complexity: metal injection molding process is most suitable for manufacturing multi-axis parts and multi-reference parts with complex geometry, which need to change many machining positions during cutting.

5. Performance: based on the high density of metal injection molding products, the performance formed by the high density of MIM will be competitive if there is demand for the performance.

6. Tolerance (precision requirement) : the tolerance of metal injection molding sintered parts is about 0.3%. If the tolerance of product requirements is very strict, the sintered parts of MIM need secondary processing, such as CNC, PVD, etc., which increases the cost of MIM and needs to be evaluated and compared.

7. New composite materials: metal injection molding can produce new composite materials that are difficult to produce by traditional technology, such as laminated or two-material structure or wear-resistant and consumable mixed metal-ceramic materials.

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