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What are the requirements for metal cutting fluids in mold manufacturing?

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In mold manufacturing process, the metal processing fluid can provide cooling, lubrication, cleaning, anti-rusty properties. These four properties are not completely isolated. They have a unified side, also have an opposite side. For example, pure oil cutting fluid has a good lubrication and rust resistance, but poor cooling and cleaning performance; water capacitive cutting fluid is good in cooling and cleaning performance, but lubrication and rust resistance is worse than that of pure oil cutting fluid. Therefore, the selection of metal processing fluid should be a comprehensive balance of advantages and disadvantages. Due to water soluble cutting fluid with water as the matrix, its heat transfer rate is high, an equal amount of water absorbs a certain amount of heat much more slowly than oil, and thus improve the cooling effect, and reduce oil mist, at the same time by adding the extreme pressure additive, corrosion inhibitor, etc., can also improve the insufficient lubrication, anti-rusty performance. Therefore, at present most mold manufacturers take water soluble cutting fluid as lubricating coolant.

The standard fluid processing generally need to meet the following conditions:

1. good thermal conductivity, good cooling effect. The formed adsorption film has a high strength, firmly adsorption on the metal surface, play a role in lubrication.

2, good rust resistance, anti-corrosion effect, will not damage machine and workpiece surface finish due to corrosion.

3. Strong surface tension, easy to spread evenly, conducive to cooling and cleaning. More convenient, cost-effective, the best can be applied to a variety of metal materials and a variety of processing methods (such as lathe, milling, grinding etc.). High-speed cutting will not produce foam, good stability.

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