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What is the difference between injection molding and press molding?

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There are four kinds of powder metallurgy forming processes: press forming, injection forming, powder forging and powder rolling. At present, more common used are powder metallurgy press molding and powder metallurgy injection molding, so what is the difference between powder metallurgy press molding and powder metallurgy injection molding?

1.Powder metallurgy press molding is to fill the mold with powder relying on gravity and extrude by machine pressure.It is the most widely used one in practical industrial application, cold closed steel die pressing, cold isostatic pressure, hot isostatic pressure, warm pressure all belongs pressing molding. However, due to only up and down pressure, some complex structural parts can not be produced, or can only be made into raw materials. That is to say this kind of product by press molding is simpler, big volume but low density.

2.Powder metallurgy injection molding use very fine powder mixing a large amount of thermoplastic binder to inject into mold. Because it can be pressed in multiple directions, it has advantages in product complexity, suitable for small and complex parts, and the requirement of powder is finer, so the cost is relatively high, and density is relatively high. When die casting, machining and other processes cannot be used to make the products, powder metallurgy injection molding has a comparative advantage. However, it is not cost-effective for powder metallurgy manufacturers without large quantities.

Whether choose powder metallurgy press molding or powder metallurgy injection molding, it needs to choose a reasonable way based on product characteristics of molding.

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