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Working principle and process of vacuum sintering furnace

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Working principle of vacuum sintering furnace is that under the action of heating temperature lower than melting point, metal injection molding green part’s inside particles can bond to each other and transfer substances, so as to eliminate pores, shrink volume, improve strength, and gradually change into metal products with certain geometric shape. Under condition of nitrogen or argon protection after vacuum extraction, graphite resistance heating is adopted in high-temperature sintering furnace. Under condition of vacuum or specific atmosphere, graphite resistance heating is used to heat and sintering green part to meet technological requirements. Vacuum sintering furnace can reduce some harmful ingredients in atmosphere, such as oxygen, water and other substances in impurities, can avoid carburizing, oxidation, decarburization and reduction and so on.

In vacuum environment, gas amount in pores of green part will be reduced to some extent, gas will be more easily discharged from pores, so density of vacuum sintered metal products will be higher, material wear resistance and strength higher, but also production cost reduced.

vacuum sintering process as below:Negative pressure debinding is one side filling protective gas into furnace from the flow meter, while pump out from slide valve, using air flow to remove binder from product in heating process. Vacuum sintering does not filled with gas, slide valve pump keep taking out, heating up furnace and sintering in vacuum. During partial pressure sintering, gas is charged to maintain a certain pressure, and heating up furnace body and sinter in partial pressure. Forced cooling is rapid filling gas with fan opened, the gas is circulated in furnace, and the heat is taken away by cooling water.

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