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Share: Introduction for metal shell of mobile phone

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   There are many kinds of plastic and metal, glass and metal, glass and metal, all plastic, all glass and so on, but all of them are not good than all the metal material. Metal material of appearance and feeling are better than other materials.


   All metal shell of mobile phone used CNC machining process which by Apple company to create the earliest -- aluminum plate is formed by die casting, then through the precision machining process cutting become prototype, along with the body gradually forming, the keyboard shape and subtle structure of the body were milling. This process contains a total of nine CNC milling process, which will got the precise shell after the nine process.


   Metal shell companies from programming to get finished product should be after rough machining, semi roughing, semi finishing, finish process, multi-channel processes and so on,. Getting the finish goods need more than 10 stations in the most of the time. Each process needs strict control in order to improve the yield rate.

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