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electromagnetic metallurgical powder material

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   electrical material, used as a power head material with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal powder metallurgy materials and add for silver, and copper matrix, nickel, iron, tungsten, tungsten carbide and graphite etc made of powder metallurgy materials;Used as the electrode with tungsten copper, nickel, tungsten copper powder metallurgy materials;Used as a brush with metal - graphite powder metallurgy materials;Used as electrothermal alloy and thermocouple such as molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten powder metallurgy materials.Magnetic materials are divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials.Soft magnetic material of magnetic powder, magnetic powder core, magnetic ferrite soft magnetic ferrite magnetic ferrite, torque, pressure, microwave ferrite, ferrite and silicon powder, etc.;Hard magnetic material with hard magnetic ferrite and rare-earth cobalt hard magnetic, magnetic recording materials, hard magnetic powder and magnetic plastic, etc.Used in the manufacture of various transformation, transmission, storage magnetic device of energy and information.

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