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sintering metal injection molding

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   Metal injection molding after sintering, the future to meet the requirements of customers, sometimes need to surface finishing process, the sintering products such as surface finishing and deburring, round, and brightening.Application of planetary processing principle, the pieces of a certain number of artifacts, grinding, water and abrasive, added to the roller, the volume of the cylinder volume 40% - 40%, application of ceramics, alumina, aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ceramic grinding block on the surface of the irregular parts processing edges and corners, deburring, chamfering, flash, oxide skin, rough cast batch processing, can improve the finish 2 - level 3, rough after grinding can improve the parts precision grade 1 or 2, chip removal process before leaving the establishment and one-time whole sintering after the flash light, to improve the surface contact fatigue strength of parts.

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