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Advantages of Metal Powder Injection Molding Process 2

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   Metal powder injection molding can produce micro composite or macro composite material parts, giving full play to the excellent performance of different materials.


   Automatic molding machine cost of powder metallurgy is several times higher than the price of metal injection molding machine. It can use multi cavity mold with high efficiency, long life time and adjust mould fast and conveniently.


   Injection material can be used repeatedly, the material utilization rate reached above 98%.


   Fast convert from one product to another, flexible mass production short time from design to production .


   Metal powder injection molding is particularly suitable for large batch production. Good consistency of product performance. If appropriate selection of product and large quantities, it can obtain high economic benefit.


   Wide range of materials and wide application. Its material is very extensive, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, refractory alloy, high proportion alloy.

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