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Differences between Powder Metallurgy and Metal Injection Molding

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Metal Injection Molding and traditional powder metallurgy are important technologies for the production of metal parts. There are some common features and differences between them.

Metal Injection Molding is a complementary technology with strength of both injection molding and traditional powder metallurgy. It has sevral advantages, easy to manufacture small size and complex parts, and product performance is good, can be used for mass production, but also produce unprocessed or a small amount of processed products.


1.For metal powder particles, Metal Injection Molding have very high requirements, where the particle size is in the range of 2-15 μm, while in powder metallurgy, the use of particle size of 50μm-100μm coarse powder. As the micro-metal powder will be used for MIM technology, and the price of metal powder will be much higher than the traditional powder metallurgy used in the material, the production cost will be higher.Conventional


2.Compared with the metal injection molding technology, the traditional powder metallurgy production of precision small parts or complex small size three-dimensional parts with low surface flatness and density. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the production cost by using a conventional powder metallurgy to produce a component having a low performance requirement and a simple mechanical component.


3.As the development of MIM technology over recent years, the degrees freedom of shape reached or even beyoned traditional powder metallurgy.

As traditional powder metallurgy will be limited by powder particle size, mold strength and other factors, the products will usually appear to be two-dimensional shape.


4.Although it can also achieve three-dimensional shape, but only limited to the production of large and medium-sized parts, can not produce small size of the three-dimensional parts. In general, small size and complex shape components are generally suitable for use by MIM technology.


All in all, Metal Injection Molding and traditional powder metallurgy have similarities and advantages, and both of them are important to metal parts manufacturing nowadays, ZCMIM( the advanced China Metal Injection Molding manufacturer) can always choose the best solution for individual client based on clients’project.

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