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Injection Molding Iron Based Gear Difficulty

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   Powder metallurgy request on mechanical properties is not high. But have high dimension accuracy requirement, the general density is 6.9 ~ 7.1, not high request on molding, but high requirement on sintering process. Adding Cu on sintering can prevent from deformation. With the development of technology, the demand for high performance powder metallurgy iron base part is higher and higher, the density of parts can reach 7.2 ~ 7.4. In order to further improve the mechanical performance of MIM parts, it is necessary to improve green part’s density, which must be from the powder preparation. Pulverizing powder and pretreatment technology is the key. Now use high quality water atomized iron powder, through plasticizing processing, compact density can reach above 7.9. This is the highest level for current powder metallurgy iron base parts, which would be unthinkable ten years ago.

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