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Commonly used sintering methods for powder metallurgy

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As we know, powder metallurgy is made through the production of powder, injection, debinding, sintering, post-treatment process, and sintering is one of the important processes of powder metallurgy, in the sintering process of powder particles to flow, diffusion, melting, recrystallization and other physical chemistry Process, so that the powder body to further dense, to eliminate some or all of the pores. Let me show you powder metallurgy commonly used sintering methods.

1, Liquid phase sintering

If there are two or more components in the powder compact, the sintering may be carried out above the melting point of a certain composition, so that a small amount of liquid phase appears in the powder compact during sintering.

2, Pressure sintering

At the time of sintering, pressure to the powder body to promote its densification process. Pressure sintering is sometimes synonymous with hot pressing, hot pressing is the powder forming and sintering together, directly to the process of products.

3, Activated sintering

In the sintering process using some physical or chemical measures, the sintering temperature is greatly reduced, sintering time significantly shortened, while the sintered body performance has been improved.

4, EDM sintering

The powder body is subjected to direct current and pulsed electric power during the forming and pressing, so that the arc is generated between the powder particles and sintered. At the time of sintering, the pressure is gradually applied to the workpiece, and the forming and sintering processes are combined together.

5, Powder solid phase sintering

Loose powder or green compact in the sintering process does not occur in the composition of the powder sintering method. The solid phase sintering of powder can be divided into two parts: solid phase sintering and multistage solid phase sintering.

 The above is about powder metallurgy commonly used sintering methods, powder metallurgy sintering is to compact or loose powder body to further combine to improve the strength and other properties of a high temperature treatment process.

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