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Surface treatment technology - vacuum method

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   In the process of metal injection molding, vacuum method is also a kind of processing method of surface treatment, which is the process of ordering the material to be gasification or ionization deposited on the surface of the workpiece in a high vacuum state. The main method is.


   physical vapor deposition (PVD)

   In the condition of vacuum, the metal is vaporized into atoms or molecules, or the formation of ion ion, directly deposited onto the surface of the workpiece, forming a coating process called physical vapor deposition, deposition of the particle beam from non chemical factors, such as evaporating sputtering, ion plating etc..


   ion implantation

   High voltage under different surface to surface modification of ion implantation, called ion implantation, such as boron etc..


   chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

   Low pressure (sometimes at atmospheric pressure), the gaseous substance on the surface of the workpiece due to chemical reactions and the formation of a solid layer of the process, known as chemical vapor deposition, such as the vapor deposition of silicon oxide, silicon nitride, etc..

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