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Study on sintering and properties of 316L and 17-4ph stainless steels by powder injection molding[ 02-25 08:58 ]
By optimizing the sintering procedure, the sintered density of water-atomized 316 stainless steel can reach 7.66g/cm3, the mechanical properties can all reach and some even better than the American MPUF 35 Standard. The 17-4PH stainless steel has a sintering density of 7.59 g/cm3 and good multiple mechanical properties.
Study on sintering and properties of 316L and 17-4ph stainless steels by powder injection molding (2)[ 02-24 09:01 ]
It is found that many factors such as brown strength, moment onto the part caused by gravity of the part itself, binder kind, dwelling temperature in the succeeded thermal de-binding step, powder loading etc, will all influence the deformation behavior of the part Loaded moment is one of the most important factors.
Characteristics of metal injection molding technology[ 01-15 14:09 ]
As a kind of near net forming technology for manufacturing high quality precision parts, MIM has incomparable advantages compared with conventional powder metallurgy and machining methods.
What industries is PVD coating technology used in currently?[ 12-25 08:47 ]
The application of PVD coating technology is mainly divided into two categories: decorative plating and tool plating.
What does 4.8 on bolt mean?[ 10-31 08:39 ]
There are more than 10 grades of steel structure connecting bolts, including 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, etc., among which bolts of 8.8 grade or above are made of low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and have undergone heat treatment (quenching and tempering), commonly known as high-strength bolts, and rest are commonly known as ordinary bolts.
What is powder metallurgy[ 10-11 08:58 ]
Powder metallurgy is Metal powder Injection molding (Metal Injection Molding) or MIM, Metal powder Injection molding technology is infiltration of inter disciplinarity of plastic forming technology, powder metallurgy technology, Metal materials and polymer chemistry.
MIM process foundation problem solving[ 09-30 08:30 ]
1. What is MIM technology? MIM is known as metal Injection Molding. The utility model relates to a manufacturing technology integrating plastic injection molding process and traditional powder metallurgy.
How to control continuous sintering of metal injection molding parts[ 09-29 10:52 ]
Continuous sintering furnace system design is divided into four different points: different devices, different working mode, different control methods, different number of contact points ,ion, In addition, PLC generally also has step control instructions for further step control.
What is the difference between regular PM and MIM?[ 09-20 08:34 ]
Due to flexibility of MIM, manufacture of complex products is not restricted. The fine metal powder combined with high temperature sintering enables MIM to produce final product with high density.
Relationship between powder loading and product shrinkage in MIM[ 08-07 08:43 ]
In MIM, in addition to influence of powder characteristics and sintering process on shrinkage and deformation, loading capacity of powder also has a great influence on shrinkage and deformation.
Density Measurement Method in Metal Injection Molding[ 07-22 08:50 ]
Metal powder metallurgy refers to fill metal alloy or its oxide, carbide powder into mold, applied high pressure for moulding, then sintering and solidification to achieve required products.
Application of sandblasting technology in metal injection molding products[ 07-16 14:16 ]
Sand blasting process of stainless steel is also a necessary procedure for many metal injection molding products.
MIM-Metal injection molding[ 07-12 13:59 ]
The MIM process is particularly suitable for mass production of relatively small, complex components requiring high strength, high performance and cost efficiency.
Product development process of metal injection molding[ 07-11 08:32 ]
MIM (metal injection molding) technology is more and more widely used in manufacture of metal parts, MIM product development process, there are seven production processes-- product development process, customer demand assessment, mold development plan, mold processing, mold test, sample production, trial production, and batch production.
What material can PVD plate on and what colors can PVD make?[ 07-02 14:08 ]
PVD film can be directly plated on stainless steel and hard alloy. For die casting part such as zinc alloy, copper and iron, it is chemical chromium plated first, then PVD plating.
Flow marks in powder injection molding[ 06-24 09:11 ]
Powder injection molding, should pay attention to flow mark, it is a common defect of MIM process.
Particle Distribution Detection Method of MIM Powders[ 05-06 08:23 ]
The particle size distribution of MIM powder is usually measured by laser particle size meter.
Mechanism of catalytic degreasing reaction[ 04-24 08:26 ]
Pre-wash: Nitrogen is injected before debinding so that the air in furnace is fully diluted and clean.
Metal injection molding advantages[ 04-09 08:56 ]
Compare with other metal molding method, advantage of metal injection molding is MIM can make more complex parts than other metal forming methods.
MIM -Metal injection molding[ 04-08 11:10 ]
Metal injection molding combines two different processing techniques - plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy.
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