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Company Planning


ZCMIM Future Planning--- Company Planning


Founded in 2007, ZCMIM is devoted to metal injection molding technology ( MIM, a kind of near net shape, high efficiency and energy saving metal parts manufacturing technology) to manufacture various three-dimensional complicated components and high performance parts.


   At the same time, the company is dedicated in improving and promoting of metal injection molding technology. ZCMIM is one of the first Chinese MIM enterprises, and also the first professional MIM products manufacturer in Yangtze River Delta Area. With continuous development and business scope expanding, the company has been able to provide cost-effective small and complex metal parts with good stability in communications, electronics, automotive, hardware, medical, machinery, watches and clocks etc.. ZCMIM is willing to make positive contributions to the development of Chinese MIM technology.


What can we do for you?--- Company Capability


   As the first MIM manufacturers, ZCMIM has 8 years experience in powder metallurgy, providing hundreds of MIM products for different markets and applications. ZCMIM metal injection molding manufacturer  has the most advanced and perfect binder system at present, saving more than 30% raw materials cost. Applying high automated MIM technology for production to cut down degreasing and sintering time from 36 hours to 24 hours. High efficiency makes products with 20% or more price advantage.