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MIM Advantage


Compared to other technologies, Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a complementary method which has progressed substantially over the past 25 years. More and more MIM Parts applied for a wide range of fields, from ordinary machinery to precise instruments; from the hardware tools to the large-scale machinery; from the electronics industry to the motor manufacturing; from the civilian industry to the military industry; from the general technology to cutting-edge tech. Metal Injection Molding had proved that it offers several advantages over other production technologies.


1. High utilization rate of raw materials. Material properties equivalent to wrought alloys


Commonly used MaterialsDensity(g/cm3)Tensile Strength(MPa)Yield Strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Hardness
Stainless Steel 316L 7.8 510 180 50 120HV
Stainless Steel 17-4PH 7.6950/1100/1180 660/950/1050 2003/8/810/38/42HRC
Stainless Steel 420 7.7 1174 1290 3.5 50HRC


Mainly used materials of MIM

2.Manufacture small size metal parts (0.02-200g) with complicated geometric shapes directly like producing plastic parts.


 Different advantages of three metal parts manufactuting tech


3.MIM parts have superior mechanical properties to castings and other PM parts, reflecting fine particle size and high sintered density.



 Factors of cost changes for different tech


4.Surface roughness up to Ra1.2.
5.Steady quality, high efficiency and economic manufacture of high volume complex parts
6.No pollution, clean production process.


ItemsMetal Injection MoldingPowder MetallurgyPrecision CastingMachining Operation
Weight Range(g)0.01-2005-2,5001-1,0001-10,000
Relative Density99-100%92%99%99%
Tensile  Strength(% Max)>9570>9599
Surface Finish -Ra(um)1.22-550.2-4
Wall Thickness(mm)0.3-102-202-201-100
Small Size(%)0.3-<0.1< span="">
Range of Applying MaterialHighHighMedium-HighMedium-High
Supply  AbilityHighHighMediumMedium
Parts complexityHighLowMediumHigh

 Comparision parameters of different metal parts manufacturing tech