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The origin of metal injection molding (MIM) development[ 01-11 11:31 ]
Metal injection molding is a relatively mature new powder metallurgy technology which is combined with traditional powder metallurgy process and plastic injection molding, is a multi-disciplinary cross technology of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials
Gradient Process from Metal injection Molding Industry (Supplement)[ 02-20 12:35 ]
To sum up, the methods to do gradient on metal injection molding parts includes: physical vapor deposition (PVD), painting, thermal transfer ribbons, silk screen printing, color printing. The following is discussing how thermal transfer ribbons, silk screen printing, color printing do gradients.
Advantage of metal injection molding[ 01-24 12:43 ]
MIM(Metal injection molding) technology combined advantages of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding technology, break through traditional metal powder molding limitation of forming process on the product shape, at the same time can forming parts with complex shape as plastic injection molding technology. It has incomparable advantages in conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting.
Metal injection molding[ 01-23 09:08 ]
MIM is the abbreviation for metal injection molding , it is developed from plastic injection molding technology,Metal injection molding technology is a near-net forming technology for manufacturing high-quality precision parts, which has incomparable advantages over conventional powder metallurgy, machining and casting
What are the criteria for selecting a metal injection molding process? When is the right time to choose metal injection molding process?[ 01-21 09:41 ]
Metal injection molding process is more and more mature now, and its application range is very wide.The complex shape, small size and large output of parts are the advantages of MIM technology.These features make it widely used in electronic and digital products, light weapons, watches, hand tools, orthodontic braces, automobile engine parts, electronic seals, cutting tools and sports equipment.
Gradient Process from Metal injection Molding Industry[ 01-18 13:43 ]
Last time, we have discussed how metal injection molding parts make gradients by physical vapor deposition (PVD). Besides, anodizing and painting can realize gradients as well.
Manufacturing method of metal injection molding raw material[ 01-17 10:18 ]
Metal powders are groups of metallic particles with a size less than 1mm.It includes single metal powder, alloy powder and some refractory compound powder with metal properties. It is main raw material for metal injection molding and powder metallurgy.
The features of Metal injection molding[ 01-16 14:31 ]
Like plastic injection molding, Metal injection molding has no restrictions on shape design. Because MIM is a molding process so additional product features do not add to cost, that making MIM be an ideal way to combine individual components into a multifunctional product. Metal injection molding design rules are very similar to plastic injection molding and can be applied to almost any product.
Metal Injection Molding[ 01-15 15:07 ]
Metal injection molding contains metal injection molding product design, mold design.
Application of metal injection molding technology in automobile parts[ 01-12 17:35 ]
At present, the MIM parts used in automobile are generally iron based materials, mainly including Fe-Ni alloy, fe-0.4c-1cr-0.75mn-0.2mo alloy steel, pre-alloyed cr-mo-c steel, ni-cr-mo-c steel, 316L, 17-4ph, 400 series, HK series stainless steel, Inconel713C nickel-base heat-resistant high-temperature alloy steel.
Introduction of metal injection molding process[ 01-10 11:06 ]
Metal powder injection molding process technology is a high-tech combination of powder metallurgy and plastic forming process.
Six advantages of Metal injection molding technology[ 01-09 10:57 ]
MIM is abbreviation of metal injection molding. Metal injection molding utilizes the characteristics of powder metallurgy technology to produce parts with high density, good mechanical properties and surface quality. At the same time, it combined characteristics of plastic injection molding to produce complex structure parts in large quantities and efficiently.
Gradient Process Secret of Huawei, OPPO, Vivo Mobile Phone[ 01-08 17:00 ]
We can offer you product with physical vapor deposition or gradient process, we can apply a wide range of external finishes. Except for that, we can offer you metal injection molding technology as well, which offer a level of design freedom unmatched by traditional metal shaping, and with more than 40% cost advantage than CNC.
Metal Injection Molding Medical Products[ 01-07 15:31 ]
Now you know, the original metal injection molding medical products and our lives are so closely related, I even did not know before. In fact, metal injection molding technology was first applied in medical products in the early 1980s and has become the fastest growing area of MIM market. At present, our Metal injection molding medical products are not only sold in domestic market, but also exported to Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and southeast Asia.
Chinese Metal Injection Molding Development History[ 01-04 13:49 ]
Since 2011, metal injection molding, as the fifth-generation metal forming technology, has developed rapidly in the fields of mobile phone, automobile, medical treatment, aerospace and other industries. During 2015-2018, MIM components involved in consumer electronic phones and computers are numerous. In the future, MIM market will continue to grow and tend to be diversified further with the development of electronic product, automobile, medical device and other aspects.
Huawei Mate20 with Four Camera Lens Leading the New Trend of Metal Injection Molding MIM Industry[ 11-14 14:54 ]
Year 2018 is not only the diversification of mobile phone screen, but also the innovation history of mobile camera. Mobile phone market positioning gradually closes to camera. The development of multi-camera is gradually expanding. Following three cameras of Huawei P20 Pro,OPPO R17Pro, Huawei launched the three camera- four lens- Huawei Mate 20 series.
FAQ for CNC after Metal Injection Molding Process[ 09-19 09:39 ]
In addition to metal injection molding technology, CNC engraving is good at small tool finishing, milling, grinding, drilling and high-speed tapping. It is similar like metal injection molding also widely used in 3C industry, mold industry, medical industry and other fields.
Metal powder metallurgy product hole processing technology[ 09-05 15:27 ]
Hole processing technology is one of machining technology which widely use in metal powder metallurgy field. the holes of metal powder metallurgical products are typically formed directly from the mold. If the accuracy of the hole cannot be achieved directly from the mold, it will be post-processed after the powder metallurgy process: drilling or reaming.
The Evolution of Metal Injection Molding Process[ 08-21 16:14 ]
Metal injection molding was first traced to the powder injection molding of ceramic spark plugs that began in the 1920s. In the following decades, powder injection molding was mainly focused on ceramic injection molding. Since year 1979, Parmatech which grouped by Wiech team won two awards of metal injection molding products, and Wiech and Rivers obtained patents at the time, powder injection molding began to turn to metal injection molding.
What's Metal injection molding (MIM)?[ 08-17 16:20 ]
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new manufacturing process technology that combines powder metallurgy with plastic injection processes. To mix the metal powder with the polymer binder, this is called feedstock.
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