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Overview of Powder Injection Molding PIM Binder[ 06-27 16:39 ]
In powder injection molding PIM technology, binders composed of a variety of organic polymers have good melting and flow characteristics at low temperatures (less than 300℃), which is a very important carrier for powder filling mold cavity to form complex shapes.
Advantages of PM bearings[ 06-26 08:25 ]
Powder metallurgy bearings are porous bearings, mainly made of metal powder, sintered body by powder metallurgy method.
Flow marks in powder injection molding[ 06-24 09:11 ]
Powder injection molding, should pay attention to flow mark, it is a common defect of MIM process.
Compared with metal injection molding, Chinese 3D printing industry is Still in Initial Stage[ 06-21 14:14 ]
The development of 3D printing technology will bring a great challenge for metal injection molding in future. But nonetheless, it still should take some time to claim ability to challenge metal injection molding process completely.
Explanation of MIM post-process -vacuum plating, water plating and electroplating[ 06-21 08:34 ]
Vacuum plating is use of physical vapor deposition principle for surface plating, in high vacuum conditions, no rectifier, no plating bath and no plating liquid etc. Electroplating is based on principle of electrolysis.
Passivation on Stainless Steel[ 06-20 08:48 ]
Passivation is a non-electrolytic process in which free iron is removed from the surface, usually using nitric acid or citric acid, to form an inert, protective oxide layer that makes stainless steel more resistant to rust due to the lack of iron reacting with the atmosphere
Metal Injection Molding Hardware Surface Treatment Technology[ 06-19 15:32 ]
Surface treatment for different material hardware is not exactly the same.
The Development of Metal Injection Molding Titanium and Titanium Alloy[ 06-18 16:09 ]
Titanium and titanium alloys are favored by the smart watch industry for their light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, allergy resistance and beautiful appearance.
2019 Material Direction of Metal Injection Molding Product[ 06-17 09:41 ]
Actually before 2012, the commonly known as precipitation hardening stainless steel material is unpopular in metal injection molding industry, without Apple’s demand, stainless steel 17-4ph will not be the top two for metal injection molding materials today (the other is stainless steel 316 L).
Why does metal injection molding stainless steel rust?[ 06-11 10:00 ]
Stainless steel will rust under certain conditions. Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation -- that is, rust, but also has the ability to corrosion in the acid, alkali, salt -- that is, corrosion resistance.
Application and characteristics of sandblasting in metal injection molding[ 06-10 09:00 ]
Sandblasting using compressed air as power, in order to form high speed jet and spray to surface of product.
Solid sintering and liquid sintering in MIM[ 06-06 14:46 ]
Sintering is a key step in process of metal injection molding (MIM). Temperature and time control in sintering process directly affects final product performance.
Application of Precision Ceramic Injection Molding in Automobile[ 05-28 08:59 ]
Ceramic injection molding process is applied on the car, have positive sense to reducing the quality of the car itself, improving thermal efficiency of engine, reducing fuel consumption, reducing exhaust pollution, improving the service life of wearing parts and improving the intelligent function of car.
Nitrogen and argon are protective atmosphere used in sintering of metal injection molding[ 05-24 08:30 ]
Metal injection molding technology is mainly divided into: injection, de-binding, sintering and post-processing or heat treatment process.
Sintering method for metal injection molding products[ 05-23 15:59 ]
Metal powder metallurgy is a metal part molding technology using metal powder or mixture of metal powder and other non-metallic powder as raw materials, in which sintering is an indispensable process in powder pressing or metal powder injection molding.
Precision Control Method for Powder Injection Molding Products[ 05-21 08:51 ]
The dimensional accuracy of powder injection molding products is 0.3%, while that of traditional powder metallurgy products is 0.1%, machining can reach higher levels.
Factors affecting sintering quality of metal powder metallurgical products[ 05-17 08:35 ]
sintering temperature, sintering time, cooling rate, sintering atmosphere, sintering and pressing conditions can affect sintering process.
Ten Basic Questions for PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)[ 05-16 14:08 ]
Refers to metal injection molding product, the frequency of PVD is higher than that of chemical plating. For one hand, PVD is environmental friendly, for the other is the quality requirement of metal injection molding products is relatively high.
Polishing Method for Metal Injection Molding Stainless Steel parts[ 05-15 08:41 ]
At present, the most widely used polishing methods for parts made by metal injection molding are magnetic grinding and mechanical polishing.
The difference between Metal injection molding and Ceramic Injection molding[ 05-14 08:29 ]
Powder injection molding is divided into two types, one is Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) and the other is Metal Injection Molding (MIM).
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