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Analysis on the development status of China's new materials industry (3)[ 03-09 08:51 ]
High performance aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy in aerospace, military, automotive, power equipment and other fields of applications are more and more widely
Analysis on the development status of China's new materials industry (2)[ 03-06 13:55 ]
Among them, the development direction of transformation and upgrading of metal materials enterprises is to vigorously develop special metal materials such as high-purity metals and amorphous alloys, as well as high-quality special steels that can be used in nuclear power, supercritical thermal power, Marine engineering, automotive engineering and rail transit.
Analysis on the development status of China's new materials industry (1)[ 03-04 08:48 ]
In 2012, the total output value of China's new materials industry was only 0.8 trillion yuan, and by the first half of 2019, the total output value of China's new materials industry had increased to 1.45 trillion yuan. Policies such as the 13th five-year plan for new materials and made in China 2025 will continue to promote the rapid development of new materials industry.
Metal injection molding of titanium and titanium alloys (4)[ 03-03 08:35 ]
Once the feedstock is completed until injection molding, it is the safest state of the whole powder, which can be exposed to air, but during the heating of the injection process, care must be taken not to let the feedstock stay in the barrel for too long.
Metal injection molding of titanium and titanium alloys (3)[ 03-02 08:51 ]
Titanium and titanium alloys have two feedstock systems. It is suggested that the formula is better than that in the range of Shrinkage from 1.166 to 1.220 as shown in Table 1 below. These formulations are already on the market.
Metal injection molding of titanium and titanium alloys (1)[ 02-26 09:12 ]
Titanium and titanium alloys account for almost half of density of iron. They have low density, good corrosion resistance, high specific strength and satisfactory biocompatibility.
Study on sintering and properties of 316L and 17-4ph stainless steels by powder injection molding[ 02-25 08:58 ]
By optimizing the sintering procedure, the sintered density of water-atomized 316 stainless steel can reach 7.66g/cm3, the mechanical properties can all reach and some even better than the American MPUF 35 Standard. The 17-4PH stainless steel has a sintering density of 7.59 g/cm3 and good multiple mechanical properties.
Study on sintering and properties of 316L and 17-4ph stainless steels by powder injection molding (2)[ 02-24 09:01 ]
It is found that many factors such as brown strength, moment onto the part caused by gravity of the part itself, binder kind, dwelling temperature in the succeeded thermal de-binding step, powder loading etc, will all influence the deformation behavior of the part Loaded moment is one of the most important factors.
Development status of AIM production equipment[ 02-21 15:44 ]
MIM and CIM are two major branches of powder injection molding. Among them, MIM is the earliest and most mature branch, which is called the hottest component forming technology in the 21st century. Indeed, it has lived up to such an honor. Its industry keeps growing and has specialized equipment for metal injection molding production. Now a third branch of the powder injection molding process has appeared: AIM, namely aluminum alloy injection molding.
Powder microinjection molding technology[ 02-20 15:38 ]
In recent years, the development of micro-system technology in various fields is very rapid, at the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing of three-dimensional micro-complex components used in micro-engineering.
Study on technology and properties of fe-2ni base alloy steel powder injection molding[ 02-19 15:46 ]
Powder Injection Molding, which abbreviation is PIM, is a new near-net-shape technology of combining powder metallurgy, powder ceramics and plastic injection molding technology.
Characteristics of metal injection molding technology[ 01-15 14:09 ]
As a kind of near net forming technology for manufacturing high quality precision parts, MIM has incomparable advantages compared with conventional powder metallurgy and machining methods.
Future Development Trend of Metal Injection Molding--- Titanium Product, Bigger Product, Smaller Product[ 01-14 13:45 ]
Although much research has been done on metal injection molding titanium and titanium alloys, there have been no effective product applications in the major potential markets (biomedical, aerospace and consumer products).
2C-MIM Technology Development[ 01-08 10:54 ]
In September 2018, PIM International reported that bimetallic (2c-mim) products have been put into commercial production. The technique involves injecting two different feedstock into a mold and then sintering it to form a strongly bonded bimetallic product.
The beauty of precision casting engineering is achieved by metal injection molding technology[ 01-07 13:57 ]
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new powder metallurgy near-net Molding technology introduced from plastic Injection Molding industry. Based on plastic Injection Molding technology, it breaks original limitation of Metal powder and makes more breakthroughs in shape of products.
Metal Injection Molding in Future Aerospace[ 01-02 15:38 ]
In addition to increasing productivity and improving materials and equipment, the future key task for metal injection molding industry is to continuously improve existing products and develop new applications.
Development status of metal injection molding in Europe (2018)[ 12-31 08:31 ]
EPMA estimates that the annual turnover of metal injection molding manufacturers in Europe is about $500 million. In addition, according to the results of the EPMA survey in 2017, the automotive industry accounts for more than 40% of metal injection molding output value in Europe. Other major applications include consumer goods, light weapons, medical devices, construction, power tools and tools.
MIM powder metallurgy injection molding ceramics[ 12-27 08:24 ]
MIM powder metallurgy technology not only has iron base, copper base, stainless steel, alloy, titanium alloy, such as material, there will be a special ceramics, precision can make all kinds of ceramic parts.
Metal injection molding helps aviation manufacturing[ 12-26 08:26 ]
There are about 700,000 parts in a Boeing 737NG, and so far Boeing 737NG has produced more than 7,000. Many of these parts are made by traditional manufacturing methods, such as die casting, machining, metal finishing, electroplating, and so on.
What industries is PVD coating technology used in currently?[ 12-25 08:47 ]
The application of PVD coating technology is mainly divided into two categories: decorative plating and tool plating.
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