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The origin of metal injection molding (MIM) development[ 01-11 11:31 ]
Metal injection molding is a relatively mature new powder metallurgy technology which is combined with traditional powder metallurgy process and plastic injection molding, is a multi-disciplinary cross technology of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials
Chinese Powder Metallurgy Industry Market Trend Analysis in 2018[ 04-18 08:33 ]
Powder metallurgy industry plays an important role in manufacturing industry. Good development of powder metallurgy industry is conducive to the healthy development of regional economy.
Metal injection molding Short Shot defect analysis[ 04-17 08:22 ]
When using equipment, maximum injection volume of injection molding machine must be greater than total weight of molding parts and nozzle, and total weight of injection should not exceed 85% of plasticizing amount of injection molding machine.
Performance characteristics of Stainless Steel 17-4PH for metal injection molding[ 04-16 08:37 ]
properties of formed products are also different, 17-4PH metal powder is a relatively common material. 17-4PH stainless steel, martensitic precipitation hardening stainless stee.
Performance characteristics of 17-4PH, -material for metal injection molding[ 04-12 08:56 ]
metal injection molding selects metal powders of different compositions, and properties of formed products are also different, 17-4PH metal powder is a relatively common material.
Metal injection molding advantages[ 04-09 08:56 ]
Compare with other metal molding method, advantage of metal injection molding is MIM can make more complex parts than other metal forming methods.
MIM -Metal injection molding[ 04-08 11:10 ]
Metal injection molding combines two different processing techniques - plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy.
Method of realize drafting MIM part with internal reverse structure[ 04-04 08:18 ]
MIM Metal injection molding applied widely now, and available to process more complex structure parts. Different with plastic injection parts, MIM parts’ internal inverted structure cannot be achieved same by plastic injection molding by forcing ejector drafting or slide drafting. Because metal injection molding green part is formed by mixing metal powder with thermoplastic adhesive, MIM part’s strength and flexible is lower than plastic injection parts.
Application of copper in metal injection moulding - bronze, brass, red copper[ 04-03 08:25 ]
Copper is one of the metals. Copper is divided into many kinds according to its composition. The most common are bronze, brass and red copper.
New development technology of MIM metal injection molding (3)[ 04-02 10:58 ]
he hot runner injection mold is a true no-flow condensate injection mold, and hot runner technology is an advanced technology in MIM metal injection molding process.
New development technology of MIM metal injection molding (2)[ 04-01 11:25 ]
MIM metal injection molding process is a multidisciplinary crossover technology and one of advanced precision molding processes for metal parts.
New development technology of MIM metal injection molding(1)[ 03-29 08:38 ]
Metal micro injection molding (μMIM) is a molding technology developed by German IFAM Institute organically to preparation of micron-sized parts.
Easy Classification of Metal Injection Molding Stainless Steel Material[ 03-28 15:16 ]
Stainless steel can be roughly divided into three categories: 200 series, 300 series and 400 series.
Application of MIM metal injection molding technology in medical products[ 03-27 15:45 ]
In the early 1980s, MIM metal injection molding technology was first applied in medical products and has become the fastest growing field in MIM market.
MIM Metal injection molding[ 03-25 08:48 ]
Metal injection molding MIM can handle many materials, including iron alloy, stainless steel, copper, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, etc..
Catalytic de-binding process and principle of metal powder injection molding[ 03-22 13:40 ]
Catamold? catalytic de-binding method is a one-step de-binding method for metal injection molding developed by Bloemacher of BSAF in Germany in the early 1990s. It is a catalytic de-binding method most commonly used by Chinese metal injection molding manufacturers.
Metal injection molding The market potential is huge and the development is unstoppable[ 03-21 15:57 ]
Metal injection molding (MIM) technology has been developed for nearly 100 years. It has incomparable advantages in material utilization, shape complexity and near-net size control.
Common defects of MIM metal injection molding and their solutions (1)[ 03-20 10:30 ]
The affect conditions include time, pressure, speed and temperature. As a result, black line, air pattern, short shot, bubbles, shrinkage, flush and other problems may occur in the process of injection process.
Metal Injection Molding Product General Appearance Standard[ 03-19 09:01 ]
Standardize appearance standards of metal injection molding product, specify the inspection items, to ensure products meeting customer’s requirements.
MIM Metal injection molding[ 03-18 09:28 ]
MIM metal injection molding is a new near-net forming technology of metal parts.
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