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Analysis on The Development of Chinese New Material Industry[ 11-14 15:44 ]
In 2012, total output value of Chinese new material industry was only 0.8 trillion yuan. By the first half of 2019, the total output value of Chinese new material industry had increased to 1.45 trillion yuan. The 13th five-year plan for new materials and the made in China 2025 and other policies will continue to push the new materials industry to maintain a rapid development trend.
Function of wear - resistant coating on metal surface[ 11-07 15:09 ]
Coating metal surface wear-resistant layer, will with good adhesion, resistance to extreme pressure, high and low temperature, also to prevent part surface damage, corrosion. The wear-resistant coating is placed on nut bolt thread or surface in a special processing way, and then heated and sintered to form a dense and uniform dry film lubrication layer with strong adhesion.
Metal Injection Molding Industry Status in India[ 11-06 08:36 ]
India's metal injection molding products are mainly for overseas. About 95% of metal injection molding parts produced in India are exported. The main components of domestic metal injection molding market in India are defense, automobile, textile and medical devices.
Research on metal 3D printing technology and special powder (4)[ 11-05 08:39 ]
3. 3D printing materials breakthrough is basis of development 3D printing materials are an important material basis for developing 3D printing technology. To some extent, development of materials determines whether 3D printing can be applied more widely. At present, 3D printing materials mainly include engineering plastics, photosensitive resin, rubber materials, metal materials and ceramic materials, etc.
Research on metal 3D printing technology and special powder (3)[ 11-04 08:42 ]
Electron beam selective melting technique (EBSM) EBSM uses high-energy electron beam as heat source for processing. Scanning forming can be carried out by manipulating magnetic deflection coil. Moreover, electron beam has a vacuum environment and can avoid metal powder oxidation in process of liquid phase sintering or melting.
Research on metal 3D printing technology and special powder -LENS(2)[ 11-01 10:01 ]
Laser engineering net shaping technology (LENS) LENS is a new rapid prototyping technology first proposed by Sandia national laboratories. Its characteristics are: direct manufacture complex shape and structure metal functional parts or mold; widely range of metal or alloy materials can be processed and heterogeneous material parts can be realized. It is convenient to process materials with high melting point and difficult to process.
What does 4.8 on bolt mean?[ 10-31 08:39 ]
There are more than 10 grades of steel structure connecting bolts, including 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, etc., among which bolts of 8.8 grade or above are made of low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and have undergone heat treatment (quenching and tempering), commonly known as high-strength bolts, and rest are commonly known as ordinary bolts.
3D Printing Metal technology[ 10-30 09:05 ]
In recent years, 3D printing technology has been gradually applied to the manufacturing of actual products, among which, material for 3D printing metal has developed rapidly. In the field of national defense, developed countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the development of 3D printing technology, even investing huge amounts of money to research, and 3D printing metal parts has always been the focus of research and application.
Preparation process of metal powder[ 10-29 16:57 ]
Huge potential market to promote technology progress, as application of powder metallurgy products more and more widely, shape and performance requirements of size of metal powder particles is higher and higher, and properties of metal powder size and shape to a large extent depends on powder production method and its preparing process, so powder preparation technology is also in constant development and innovation.
AIM (aluminum alloy injection molding) process introduction[ 10-25 14:24 ]
Aluminum alloy injection molding (AIM) is a new Aluminum alloy forming technology. Similar to metal powder injection molding (MIM), it is main branch of powder injection molding (PIM) technology, which is developed from injection molding technology. It is fastest developing and most widely used aluminum alloy parts processing technology in world.
Common defects and corresponding analysis of die casting products(2)[ 10-24 09:04 ]
Part is not filled at acute angles Causes: 1. Inlet of inner gate is too large; 2. die casting machine pressure is too small; 3. Ate Angle ventilation is not good, air can not be discharged. Adjustment method: 1. Reduce internal gate; 2, change pressure of machine; 3. Improve exhaust system
Powder Metallurgy Design Competition-Metal Injection Molding parts[ 10-23 16:05 ]
The winners of 2019 powder metallurgy design excellence awards competition sponsored by the federation of metal powder industries (MPIF) have been announced.
Common defects and corresponding analysis of die casting products (1)[ 10-18 15:15 ]
The casting surface has pattern, and has the metal flow trace Causes: 1. The runner to casting inlet is too shallow; 2. Injection pressure is too large, resulting in a high velocity of metal, causing splash of liquid metal.
The path to the metal injection lead[ 10-14 22:25 ]
ZCMIM mainly provides sophisticated and high-strength metal injection molding components for consumer electronics sector such as smartphones, wearable devices and the automotive sector, products cover camera bracket, decoration, equipment wear watch case, watch button, auto parts, etc., finally applied to OPPO, VIVO, apple, samsung and other domestic and foreign well-known consumer electronics and automobile brand.
Principles of pouring system and characteristics of liquid metal flow[ 10-12 08:35 ]
In conclusion, the hydraulic properties of liquid metal are obviously different from that of ideal liquid.
What is powder metallurgy[ 10-11 08:58 ]
Powder metallurgy is Metal powder Injection molding (Metal Injection Molding) or MIM, Metal powder Injection molding technology is infiltration of inter disciplinarity of plastic forming technology, powder metallurgy technology, Metal materials and polymer chemistry.
Application of Powder Metallurgy Technology in Copper[ 10-10 08:18 ]
The first application of copper powder was mixing copper and tin powder to make bronze parts. In the early 1920s, USMR located in caltlett, New Jersey, began producing electrolytic copper powder. The plant is small but has a large cathode tank.
Metal injection molding (MIM) technology embracing developing opportunity in high nitrogen stainless steel[ 10-09 09:01 ]
n recent years, with the continuous development of manufacturing process and technology, people have realized that nitrogen has great advantages in stabilizing austenite in steel, and can retain the excellent characteristics of austenite such as non-magnetism.
MIM process foundation problem solving[ 09-30 08:30 ]
1. What is MIM technology? MIM is known as metal Injection Molding. The utility model relates to a manufacturing technology integrating plastic injection molding process and traditional powder metallurgy.
How to control continuous sintering of metal injection molding parts[ 09-29 10:52 ]
Continuous sintering furnace system design is divided into four different points: different devices, different working mode, different control methods, different number of contact points ,ion, In addition, PLC generally also has step control instructions for further step control.
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