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MIM Metal injection molding[ 03-25 08:48 ]
Metal injection molding MIM can handle many materials, including iron alloy, stainless steel, copper, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, etc..
Metal Injection Molding[ 01-15 15:07 ]
Metal injection molding contains metal injection molding product design, mold design.
How to determine the ratio of metal powder and binder?[ 01-22 15:26 ]
The viscosity of products increases with the increasing of solids content. When the solids content reaches 62%, the viscosity increases sharply after injection, allowing the solids content limit (up to 62%). When the binder is not enough, there is a gap betwee...
How to control the cost during the process of MIM?[ 01-03 15:43 ]
Metal injection molding is cost-effective compared other manufacturing process when produce complex shape, small size metal components in large quantity, and what else we can do to save more money?
Structure Of Metal Powder Injection Mold[ 12-21 11:22 ]
Mold is the foundation of the industry. Mold technology, to a large extent, determines the cost of the product, good quality, and even functional features. Metal powder injection molding mold is the basic component of the MIM process.The main structure of...
What kinds of surface treatment most used on MIM parts?[ 11-14 14:02 ]
Nowadays metal injection molding parts are used in many industries, mainly because of their size is very high accuracy, and the quality is higher metal parts made by other methods. In order to meet the different and specific needs, which is it must be surface treatment, so that it can be used better
Metal Injection Molding Stainless Steel Powder Production[ 10-31 09:16 ]
At present, the main methods of producing metal injection molding powder are water atomization method, gas atomization method and carbonyl method. Commonly used stainless steel metal injection powder grades are: 304L, 316L, 317L, 410L, 430L, 434L, 440A, 440C, 17-4PH.
What Important Things We Should Focus In Powder Injection Molding Process[ 10-13 12:00 ]
What Important things We Should Focus In Powder Injection Molding Process
How to legitimately control the continuous sintering of metal powder injection molding?[ 09-22 09:25 ]
The system design of the continuous sintering furnace is divided into four different points: the metal part is different, the working mode is different, the control method is different, the number of contacts is different. In addition, PLC generally also has step control instructions, can be further control.
What kinds of stainless steel parts made by metal injection molding ?[ 09-18 09:32 ]
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the increasingly diversified fields of stainless steel materials can be further expanded, especially in the stainless steel as stainless steel parts, the complex shape and size of the main materi...
Should I choose Metal Injection Molding or Die Casting?[ 09-04 11:46 ]
Actually there are so many similarities between Metal Injection Molding(MIM) and Die Casting, Both of these two metal parts producing methods take use of mould, and their producing process are sort of similar, melt metal injected into mold and forming, manufac
Causes and Solutions of Sink Mark in Injection Molding[ 05-05 16:39 ]
 Concave holes on MIM parts’ surface known as sink mark in injection molding. In addition to affect product appearance, also reduce the strength of the finished product. Sink mark is relevant to molding process, mould design and
What cause Short Shot Injection Molding and how to solve?[ 05-05 15:08 ]
Short shot in injection molding is a phenomenon that melting MIM material has not filled the cavity of mould completely in MIM process?.
How Many Binders?[ 11-22 22:05 ]
Big binder has been applied to metal injection molding industry, different binder reflect difference between powder properties and de-binding process
What Special Parts Unable to be Made by Traditional Powder Metallurgy?[ 11-15 22:25 ]
As a kind of manufacturing high quality precision parts near net shape forming technology, metal injection molding has the incomparable advantage over conventional powder metallurgy and machinin
which metal injection molding parts can be used on the car?[ 11-08 22:40 ]
Because of the metal injection molding process has the advantages of saving raw materials, light weight, excellent performance and low cost advantages, in addition to the engine
Features for Powder Metallurgy High-Speed Steel?[ 11-04 22:45 ]
What are the features for powder metallurgy? Using powder metallurgy method produce dense blanks, then through forging, rolling, and so on thermal deformation to get high speed steel profiles
When do Household Appliances Start to Use Metal Injection Molding Process?[ 11-04 22:20 ]
Home appliances is relevant to our life, such as household refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine, etc. These appliances had used our MIM parts. Such as the lock pipe
Why MIM Metal Injection Molding is Widely Used (2)?[ 11-02 22:25 ]
In loose state, powder particles are discrete. Powder body can flow under the action of slight external force, don't keep a fixed shape.
Why MIM Metal Injection Molding is Widely Used (1)?[ 11-02 22:20 ]
Why metal injection molding MIM is so widely used? That is because it has the following obvious advantages: as a kind of widely used precision forming technolog
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