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metal powder injection molding process difficulties have?[ 10-12 22:10 ]
Metal powder injection molding core technology difficulties in what?
Which complex parts can be made by metal powder injection molding process?[ 10-11 22:20 ]
Metal powder can produce the various metal parts with 3D complex shape, as a kind of technology has good superiority compared with the traditional powder metallurgy and machining.
What are the characteristics of powder metallurgy parts?2[ 10-11 22:10 ]
Powder metallurgy alloy tensile strength, toughness and ductility with increasing density will increase, may also improve the workability,
What are the characteristics of powder metallurgy parts?1[ 10-11 22:05 ]
The characteristics of the powder metallurgy parts include more of characteristics of machined parts which are not only
How Many Metal Injection Molding Factories in Shenzhen?[ 09-28 22:35 ]
Metal injection molding process has been developed rapidly in past two years. According to incomplete statistics
Powder Injection Molding are Used in Which District?[ 09-28 22:20 ]
The scale of whole world powder injection molding industry is still not quite large currently. Especially in southern china area,
Powder Injection Molding Materials Used for What ?[ 09-27 22:40 ]
Powder injection molding has a wide range of materials and wide application fields. Material for powder injection molding is very extensive,
What are the properties of powder metallurgy injection molding?[ 09-27 22:00 ]
Powder metallurgy injection molding is one of the research and development achievements of powder metallurgy technology.
What Kinds of Electroplating on Metal Injection Molding Products?[ 09-23 22:25 ]
What kinds of electroplating on metal injection molding products? In addition of single metal plating like lead plating, iron plating, silver plating, gold plating et
Metal Injection Molding Used in What Industry?[ 09-09 22:05 ]
As ZCMIM mentioned before, MIM is also widely used in medical, 3C and hardware machinery,
Do MIM has Special Requirements for Tooling?[ 09-09 22:00 ]
Moulds for metal injection molding suffer more serious erosion wear than general plastic injection. Wear resistance is one of the most basic requirements for mass production by metal injection mold cavity.
What are the Characteristics of Porous Powder Metallurgy Materials?[ 08-31 22:25 ]
Porous is one important characteristic of powder metallurgy materials. By using this feature, you can:
Can You Imagine that the DIY Creative Earrings are Made of Small Gears?[ 08-15 22:20 ]
In creative person’s eyes, anything can be formed eye-opener objects. For example, can you imagine that MIM metal injection molding small gears can be made creative DIY earrings?
What are the Characteristics of Powder Metallurgy Technology?[ 08-10 22:14 ]
Powder injection molding technology can maximum reduce the segregation of alloy composition, and eliminate bulky and inhomogeneous casting organization
Why Choose Metal Injection Molding Company ZCMIM?[ 08-03 22:03 ]
Metal injection molding company –ZCMIM, focus on MIM process. It can customize any small complicated shape
What UAV&Drone Parts can be Manufactured by MIM Process[ 07-27 10:16 ]
Drone shaft, remote control buttons and spindle are all can be made by metal injection molding MIM. After sintering,
Where is the difficulty of powder metallurgy technology?[ 06-30 11:42 ]
Powder metallurgy is now common in all kinds of industries, machinery, industry and some new development energy will also be used in powder metallurgy parts, powder metallurgy technology
What are the disadvantages of powder metallurgy process?[ 06-29 10:58 ]
What are the disadvantages of powder metallurgy process? Today let ZCMIM powder metallurgy manufacturer to explain it to you!
What are the best Chinese metal injection molding supplier?[ 06-08 10:23 ]
Metal powder injection molding technology is a new type of metal powder metallurgy the modern plastics spray forming technology into the field of powder metallurgy forming near net shape forming technology.
Can PA(Poly A) for MIM Powder Metallurgy?[ 06-07 14:06 ]
Do you know how to make Apple watch adapter?. It is made by metal injection molding process. Besides, metal injection molding can OEM custom stamping part.
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