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In the past two years, MIM technical progress is mainly reflected in what areas?[ 03-25 11:39 ]
is the first equipment level has been considerable increase: from feeding equipment, injection machine and debinding and sintering equipment, and analysis and detection equipment and automation level,
Metal powder injection molding process parameters of MIM should be how to choose?[ 03-24 11:47 ]
Many MIM metal injection molding process, even if in the industry do a few years, may not be able to understand all processes have to understand, here, and we share of MIM316L powder injection process parameter selection problems
Why powder metallurgy products will crack?[ 03-22 10:50 ]
Why powder metallurgy products will crack? The potential crack has been regarded as having a huge impact, and often become the production of complex shaped parts, for the industry participants, enhance the obtained material performance benefits only than the weight of solving the problem of crack is slightly higher.
Who is advancing behind the progress of the manufacture of large parts of powder metallurgy?[ 03-17 11:57 ]
America is promoting powder metallurgy large parts of manufacturing, investors settle on the growth prospects of this field, with a connecting rod
What are the signs of the rapid development of industrial technology in powder metallurgy?[ 03-01 16:11 ]
The rapid development of the technology of powder metallurgy industry, of China's metallurgical industry put forward more requirements, conventional metallurgical techniques with high hardness, low purity,
What is the requirement of powder metallurgy injection molding process for organic binder?[ 02-16 14:08 ]
Powder metallurgy injection molding process of metal powder particle size is generally in 0.5~20 mu m; theoretically speaking, the smaller the particle size, the larger the surface area, easy forming and sintering. The traditional powder metallurgy process uses more than 40 m of coarse powder.
What are the advantages of powder metallurgy products?[ 01-28 17:33 ]
In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry in the market to fight the fiery, but the metal powder metallurgy which has the advantages of it? Want to know with the Shenzhen MIM manufacturers ZCMIM together to see it!
Iron-based powder metallurgy and alloy powder metallurgy production process different?[ 11-27 13:56 ]
Iron-based powder is an iron-based powder metallurgy, carbide-based powder is WC, TIC and other production processes are basically the same,
How to improve precision performance of metal injection molding MIM products[ 11-23 16:09 ]
Making full assessment with customers in development stage of MIM project ,and formulate reasonable drawing requirement
Degreasing powder metallurgy injection molding what factors influence?[ 11-13 16:04 ]
Sintered metal injection molding process factors metallurgy factory Sijia Yi talked about the impact injection molding, it is concerned about the impact of skim what factors?
Why powder metallurgy technology is so important?[ 11-09 17:11 ]
We often use the powder metallurgy technology for the production of new materials. So what is the characteristics of powder metallurgy? First of all, powder metallurgy technology(
How to anti-rust for powder metallurgy part?[ 11-05 15:36 ]
Powder metallurgy process includes forging powder metallurgy, pressure sintering powder metallurgy, isostatic pressing powder metallurgy, metal injection molding etc.
What are the advantages of MIM powder injection molding bearings?[ 11-03 16:24 ]
MIM powder injection factory ZCMIM ( specialized in the development, production and sales of powder metallurgy products. The rapid development of powder metallurgy industry leads to development and application of powder metallurgy products- powder metallurgy bearing.
What features dose the stainless steel filter have?[ 11-03 15:04 ]
Follow with ZCMIM to know, with metal injection molding materials, what special dose the stainless steel filter have?
How to choose mould for MIM injection molding?[ 10-30 15:35 ]
How to choose mould for MIM injection molding?( powder injection molds base are exactly the same as plastic molds
What is the best way to realize the benefits of MIM?[ 09-23 17:33 ]
The best way to realize the full benefits of MIM is to apply the technology early in the design phase in your product development cycle.
Why should I use MIM?[ 09-23 17:30 ]
MIM excels in producing small, highly complex parts that are difficult or cost prohibitive to produce with conventional technologies such as machining or casting.
Does the part shrink during removal of binders?[ 09-23 17:27 ]
 No, the part will not change size in the debinding phase of the process. However, since sintering achieves near full density of the powders, the part will undergo a size change of up to 20%.  
How does MIM differ from the Conventional PM process?[ 09-23 17:21 ]
Conventional PM uses high, uniaxially applied pressure to coarse metal powders in a die set to produce moderately complex components.
Is the metal melted during the molding process?[ 09-23 17:18 ]
No, only the binders are melted allowing the powders to flow like a plastic material. Upon cooling the binders solidify giving the part strength for handling. The part must be subsequently sintered to high density to achieve the required mechanical properties.
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