MIM Parts for Electronic

MIM Parts is widely used in electronics industry for consumer electronic equipment. Its complex structure and perfect appearance will be applied for connecting plugin in house hold appliances assembly process. High tolerance is perfect for laptops and mobile phones with precision fitting requirement. Minimum wall thickness of 0.15mm with high light treatment.

Our MIM parts are in range of component for watches, laptops, mobile phones, headset or headphone, cable&cords, sporting accessories, personal care equipment, and house hold appliances.

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MIM Parts for Watch

ZCMIM had cooperate with famous watch brand in world wide. Our MIM technology is the most cost-effective way for innovative watch design form stainless watches to luxury timepieces. ZCMIM MIM watch parts are normal stainless steel case and straps. For detail information, check our MIM watch parts gallery.

MIM Parts for Headset&Headphone

ZCMIM provide headphone MIM component as headband slider, decoration cover, metal housing. Our advanced technology will satisfy special design of headphone component with micro size and complex geometries. For detail information, check our MIM headphone parts gallery.

MIM Parts for Mobile-phone

ZCMIM main MIM parts are SIM card holder&slot tray, metal mobile-phone button.  All these components are small size with excellent strength performance. Check our MIM mobile-phone parts gallery for detail information.

MIM Parts for Cable&Cord

ZCMIM produce cable and cords holder for notebook and computer. All these products are small size  and complex structure of internal holes. Check  our MIM cable&cord parts gallery for detail information.