MIM Parts

MIM parts are complex metal parts produced by metal injection molding technology. Metal Injection Molding is a new metal components manufacturing method. Meanwhile, comparing to conventional metalworking method like forging or casting, MIM has better performance in small size, complex geometries metal parts production with high volume quantities. As noticed, MIM form metal parts shape with injection molding process, which is similar to plastic injection molding and high-pressure die casting. However, MIM parts are able to perform high mechanical properties equal to wrought materials, and excellent dimensional tolerance control.

MIM Parts in Process

Metal injection molding(MIM) is metalworking technology, in MIM process, very fine metal powder will be mixed with binder material to create feedstock, then these feedstock will be formed and solidified by injection molding process. This MIM parts combine of metal powder and binder are named as– MIM green part.

After molding, chemical or thermal operations will be applied to remove binder materials. MIM parts after binder are called– MIM brown part.

At last, sintering process will densify metal powders by high temperature in furnaces. Then we will get —MIM finished part.

MIM parts can be treated like forging or casting metal parts, it can be welded, soldered, blued, hardened, tempered, polished, filed, and ground. Any operation you can perform on forging or casting parts, will perform same on MIM parts post-manufacturing.

MIM Parts Property

Although MIM materials powder is expensive than normal stock, and its special molds are horrendously expensive. We never ignore MIM parts advantages, it is high effective for high volume small size parts with complex geometries. Which is quite expensive to produce by alternative or classic metalworking methods.

1.Complex geometries: MIM parts can be any complex structure you need in product development or high quantity production.

2.High tolerance: MIM parts have high dimension accuracy for any special requirement. Our minimum tolerance will be ±0.5% on dimension and ±0.3% on target.

3.Excellent surface: MIM parts surface normally will achieve 1μm, so it can satisfy normal industry requirement without further secondary operations. For special MIM parts surface treatment, our multiple secondary operations will guarantee excellent chemical and physical properties for you.

4.High production quantity: With multi-cavity tooling usage, MIM parts offer high production rates of 10,000 pieces per day.

5.Various metal material: MIM parts have widely material range like: stainless steel, low alloy steel, iron-based, titanium,etc.

Now, MIM parts has wide application in various fields of industry: Electronics, Medical, Industrial & Tools,Automotive.

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MIM Parts for Electronic

MIM Electronic Parts

MIM Parts is widely used in electronics industry for consumer electronic equipment. Its complex structure and perfect appearance will be most suitable for connecting plugin in house hold appliances assembly process. High tolerance is perfect for laptops and mobile phones with precision fitting requirement. Minimum wall thickness of 0.10mm with high light treatment.

MIM Parts for Medical

MIM Medical Parts

Our MIM parts are used as orthodontic brackets, surgical instruments, forceps, scissors, sewing units,drug delivery devices, surgical implants, hearing aids, dental equipment & implants, B-ultrasonic instrument parts.

MIM parts are becoming more cost saving and high quality than traditional investment casting, such as orthodontic device manufacturing process. It can be produced by various metal as stainless steel with high strength, smooth and precision.

MIM Parts for Industrial

MIM Industrial parts

ZCMIM provide a wide range of customized MIM parts for different application with various materials, such as: micro gears, drones, smart wearable devices, pepper spray, machinery components, remote key.

MIM Parts for Automotive

MIM Automotive parts

Automotive industry requires high procurement rate for small complex parts or tools. It has high requirement of small size and lightweight MIM parts in electrical system, fuel system, interiors, power transfer system, and safety system. Our MIM Parts are widely as automotive component for vanes, valves, connecting rods,valve guides,parking brake.