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MIM as the most cost-effective way of metal parts manufacturing, is widely applied for industrial parts production. ZCMIM provide a wide range of customized MIM parts for different application with various materials, such as: micro gears, drones, smart wearable devices, pepper spray, machinery components. Our wide range of MIM materials can satisfy any machinery properties requirement in  your projects.

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MIM Parts for Micro Gear

ZCMIM produces various size of micro gears for our partners with custom materials. Our company can create any size of micro-gear with various materials. In your project, our engineering team will evaluate your parts design, provide best solution of production and ensure high quality performance. Check MIM industrail parts gallery for detail information.

MIM  Parts for Drone

ZCMIM provide metal drone parts for customers in world-wide. Drone metal parts need high strength and fatigue resistance, which is most suitable for MIM high volume production. Our professional team can produce any size parts with custom materials, we will do our best to satisfy all your projects requirement. Check parts gallery for more information.

MIM Parts for Machinery Component

ZCMIM can produce millions of machinery components with various material for special requirement. Our engineering team can assist you with first step of MIM designing, recommend best solution for your special machinery requirement. Finally, monitor and test MIM parts performance to ensure high quality products with according properties for your projects. Check gallery for parts detail information.

MIM Parts for Pepper Spray

ZCMIM cooperates with our partner for their special products development of pepper spray. We start this project form first MIM design, then molding, parts prototyping and adjustment, until final large-scale production. Check gallery for products information.