Metal Injection Molding Company

ZCMIM is a professional metal injection molding company in China, specialized in stainless steel injection molding. We provide professional metal injection molding service to satisfy your special product development requirement. ZCMIM are your reliable metal injection molding manufacturer, no matter your need simple or complex three dimension structure with high quality and tolerance. Our experienced engineering team combine with advanced MIM technology are able to produce the most wide range of precision MIM parts, including as follow:

1. Electronic

2. Medical 

3. Industrial

4. Automotive

Our company has 8,000 square meters of MIM manufacturing center, our operation center can satisfy low, medium and high volume MIM parts operation, it integrate each MIM process like: MIM design, mold design, tool making, debinding, sintering surface finishing into final MIM parts inspection and assemble operations.

In last 10 years, ZCMIM established our high reputation of MIM parts production, our precision MIM component are most cost effective with incredible high quality. Our experienced technical team remove any limitation in metal injection molding process, which make us be able to manufacturing any geometries MIM parts with excellent mechanical properties.

MIM parts are complex metal parts produced by metal injection molding technology. MIM is a new metal components manufacturing method. Comparing to conventional metalworking method like forging or casting, MIM has better performance in small size, complex geometries metal parts production with high volume quantities.

MIM form metal parts shape with injection molding process, which is similar to plastic injection molding and high-pressure die casting. However, MIM parts are able to perform high mechanical properties equal to wrought materials, and excellent dimensional tolerance control.

Our Customer Evaluation

I want to send my sincere thanks to you and ZCMIM team. You did a great job and all MIM parts are perfect. Please express my appreciations to your engineers especially for their profession experience, which help us a lot in revising the assembly.

All MIM parts are already assembled now, these parts are in very good dimension and the surface finishes is fantastic. All parts are in complete satisfaction. I am happy to place future order to you.

Thanks for your sample parts, we have finished our prototypes with these parts, all of them seams great. Now we are planing our further scale production, and will send our batch orders to you. We really appreciate all your support, you are the most reliable supplier of MIM parts with economic price.

Thanks for your professional recommendations, all these part were made exactly to our specifications. We would like to purchase additional 10,000 pieces as soon as possible. I will notice you once our 1 dimensional surface adjustment is completed.

ZCMIM Advantages

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) has several advantages over traditional metal production technologies. As 30 years continuous development of MIM technology, ZCMIM can apply this technology producing MIM parts with high volume, various alloys, different size and complex structure. Our summary of MIM advantages as following:

ZCMIM projects

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MIM Design Consideration

MIM (Metal injection molding ) is a perfect metalworking method for net-shaped parts with high performance, high density, high strength and high corrosion resistance.  In MIM designing process, except normal principle in MIM Design Guideline, there are still some detail considerations to be noticed for a successful MIM project.

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Parts Consolidation in MIM

There are common issues in designing process, we need to design complex geometries into just one MIM part, in order to solve other manufacturing or assembling problem. Meanwhile, we also need to confirm MIM parts performance will never affected by its structure adjustment.

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Metal Injection Molding vs Die Casting

Metal injection molding process is an effective way to produce high strength and tolerance MIM parts with complex geometries, which forms metal powder to parts shape and sinter it into final parts. MIM parts have excellent physical characteristics.

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Utilizing MIM to Scale Production

As in manufacturing industry, all companies and enterprises are trying best to produce high quality parts with less production time and lowest total cost. . Metal injection molding is the most effective manufacturing process to accomplish with high volume production at short time.