MIM Parts for Medical

MIM parts is complex 3 dimensional structures in medical device components, which is impossible to produce by conventional fabrication technologies. The main advantage of MIM parts is superior quality small parts with intricate shapes and highly engineered alloys at cost-effective price for medical instrument providers. MIM Parts have been used in a variety of surgical tools and its handheld mechanisms or articulation components.

Our MIM parts are used as orthodontic brackets, surgical instruments, forceps, , scissors, sewing units,drug delivery devices, surgical implants, hearing aids, dental equipment & implants, B-ultrasonic instrument parts.

MIM parts are becoming more cost saving and high quality than traditional  investment casting in orthodontic device manufacturing process. It can be produced by various metal as stainless steel with high strength, smooth and precision.

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MIM Parts for Surgical Instrument

ZCMIM provide surgical instruments like forceps, scissors and orthodontic brackets. Our MIM parts with high precision can satisfy all surgical requirement. We offer various materials such as stainless steel 17-4PH, BASF420W. Our products range from teeth orthodontic device, forceps to scissors. Check our medical MIM parts gallery for detail information.

MIM Parts for Sewing Unit

ZCMIM produce sewing units for our partners.  Check medical MIM parts gallery for detail information.

MIM  Parts fo B-ulttrasonic Instrument

ZCMIM supply B-ultrasonic instrument parts with our MIM technology. Our excellent strength properties with high precision can guarantee MIM parts have excellent performance in instrument working process.  Check detail information in MIM medical parts gallery.