MIM Parts for Automotive


Automotive industry requires high procurement rate for small complex parts or tools. It has high requirement of small size and lightweight MIM parts in electrical system, fuel system, interiors, power transfer system, and safety system. Our MIM Parts are widely as remote key, automotive component for vanes, valves, connecting rods, valve guides, parking brake.

MIM parts has its unique advantages than other manufacturing method, ZXMIM can produce high volume production with excellent quality certification. We can satisfy any special requirements in your projects, no matter complex geometries or mechanical properties.

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MIM Parts for Remote Key

ZCMIM provide metal parts for automotive remote key production. Our high precision MIM parts with micro size are most suitable for Automotive remote key assemble components. Its complex geometries with light weight can satisfy further assembly requirement. In addition, high strength and corrosion resistance will improve its performance in application,  excellent appearance is the key to success  usage. Check our gallery page for detail information.

MIM  Parts for Connecting Rod

ZCMIM supply connecting rod in automotive electrical system. As we know, all these functional parts require high performance in strength and surface hardness. In addition, fatigue resistance is another factor affect parts quality.  In order to guarantee final MIM parts performance, we select suitable metal material with according process. Check gallery for detail information.