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MIM Metal Application

Metal Injection Molding produces various high-performance, complex-geometries parts without additional machining. In reason of MIM parts high density, its properties are equivalent to other fabrication method. There is high flexibility of material selection, same equipment can be produced by different metal materials. A wide varieties of metal can be applied in MIM process. Metal powder with various chemical composition, particle sizes and shapes will determine final MIM parts properties. ZCMIM main MIM metal materials are classified into categories as following:

Ferrous alloys: steel, stainless steel, tool steel, low alloy steel, iron-nickel alloy, special ferrous alloys like Invar and Kovar.

Tungsten alloys: tungsten-copper, tungsten heavy alloys.

Nickel alloys: nickel, nickel-base superalloys.

Molybdenum alloys: molybdenum, molybdenum-copper.

Titanium alloys: titanium, titanium alloys

Hard materials: cobalt-chromium, cemented carbides(WC-Co), cermets(Fe-TiC)

Special materials: aluminum, precious metal, copper and copper alloys, cobalt-based alloys, magnetic alloys (soft and hard),shape-memory alloys

Most alloys composition are copied from standard handbook formulations, but it cannot be ignored that long-term anneal in sintering process will degrade alloy properties, since most alloys were created and developed in casting technology. So ZCMIM utilize modified chemistry way customized to MIM technology, in order to guarantee MIM parts physical and chemical properties.

Such as 316L alloy composition (Fe-19Cr-9NI-2Mo) is wildly applied in reason of its corrosion resistance and combined strength properties. Extra additional chromium in alloy composition will make sintering process easily, so this alloy provide attainable superior properties with this alternative metal manufacturing method.

Custom metal powder can be fabricated with additional cost once composition is unavailable. There is no doubt that ZCMIM will satisfy your any custom material requirement in most cost-effective price.

MIM Metal Options

WE need to consider many factors to select perfect material for MIM parts, such as MIM parts weight, tolerance requirement, mechanical stress, hardness, additional machining, maximum cross section, corrosion resistance,etc.

ZCMIM provides common MIM material for different application as following :

Material CategoryMaterial TypeCharacteristicsApplication
Stainless steel316LCorrosion resistanceHorology parts, electronic component
304High strengthElectronic parts, micro-gears
420High strengthPneumatic machinery, cutlery, tools
440CFriction resistance, corrosion resistanceHand tools, sporting equipment
17-4 PHCorrosion resistance and strengthMedical, dental, surgical parts
Fe-based alloy4605Exceptional strength, good ductilityConsumer products, hand tools
Fe2.5%SiHigh hardness, wear resistanceElectrical parts, automotive, tools
Fe3%SiHigh electrical resistanceElectrical parts
Fe50%NiHigh permeabilityElectrical parts
CopperCopper alloyThermal & electrical conductivityheat conduction, electric conduction
Hard alloyNickel alloyelectrical conductivity, corrosion resistanceElectrical parts, wrist watch parts
TitaniumTi-6Al-4VCorrosion resistance, light weightMedical parts
Special alloyASTM F15 (Kovar)Controlled expansionSplitter, micro-electronic parts
ASTM F75Bio-compatibility, wear resistanceMedical, orthopedics, dental parts
ASTM F1537Bio-compatibility, corrosion resistanceMedical parts

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For custom MIM parts requirement, we also offer you mechanical properties of typical MIM materials as following table:

MaterialDensityTensile strengthHardnessElongation
g/cm³MpaRockwell(% in 25.4mm)
Stainless steel316L7.851567HRB50
17-4 PH(sintered)7.589627HRC6
17-4 PH(Heat treatment)7.5118633HRC6
17-4 PH(H900)7.7120640HRC9
17-4 PH(H1100)7.7100034HRC12
Low alloy steel4605(sintered)7.544048HRB15
4605 Low hardness7.5115136HRC3
4605 High hardness7.5165548HRC2
Special alloyCopper alloy8.516530
Titanium alloy4.595036HRC18
Nickel alloy8.653HRC
ASTM F15 (Kovar)7.745065HRB25
ASTM F758.399225HRC30
ASTM F15378.3110332HRC27

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ZCMIM projects

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We are your reliable partner for every MIM project.

MIM products are sintered to approximately 98% density below theoretical, so its chemical, physical, elastic and thermodynamic will be affected by MIM sintering process compare to handbooks information.

ZCMIM aim to provide high quality MIM parts for our customers, so we consider materials affection in MIM sintering process. It will assist our engineering team offer multiple treatment suggestion for your projects.

Mechanical property: MIM technology products have same tensile match other manufacturing routes.

Fatigue strength and fracture toughness: For high toughness metal materials, we never need to worry about this issue. But in other case, materials testing is recommended, because of large grain size and residual porosity associated with MIM.

Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel with MIM method will cause corrosion resistance issue, in reason of chromium preferential surface evaporation during sintering process will degrade resistance to corrosion attack. But, with proper post-sintering and surface treatment, final MIM parts can perform well in general corrosion resistance of various media.

Biocompatibility: MIM parts are applied more and more in medical and dental area, so biocompatibility become equivalent to other routes. In that case, post-sintering and electrochemical treatment are required to re-uniform MIM parts surface chemistry for biocompatilility.

Wear performance: In MIM process, mix hard phases into feedstock will improve MIM parts wearing behaviour. Such as, MIM tool steel treated with low concentration calcium difluoride has significant dry wear rate than wrought tool steel. Add titanium nitride or chromiu boride to stainless steel will improve final product wear resistance.

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