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What features dose the stainless steel filter have?

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 Follow with ZCMIM to know, with metal injection molding materials, what special dose the stainless steel filter have? As the following points:


(1) The outstanding chemical compatibility , Suitable for filter strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvents


(2)Membrane filter for folding deep filtration, the membrane filtration area is large


(3) Low differential pressure, high pollutant carrying capacity and long service life.


(4) has a wide filtration precision can choose filter applications.

 metal injection molding materials

(5)Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of antibiotics such as a pre-filter for the liquid.


(6) Food and beverage industry: wine, mineral water, drinking water filtration.


(7) Oil industry: oil field water injection filter.


(8)Electronics industry: highly purified water f pre-filtration.


(9) Chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvents and acids filtration.

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