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3D Printing Metal technology

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In recent years, 3D printing technology has been gradually applied to the manufacturing of actual products, among which, material for 3D printing metal has developed rapidly. In the field of national defense, developed countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the development of 3D printing technology, even investing huge amounts of money to research, and 3D printing metal parts has always been the focus of research and application. It is not only able to print molds, bicycles, gun and other weapons, or even large equipment such as cars and airplanes.

As a new type of manufacturing technology, 3D printing metal has shown a very broad application prospect, and has shown a strong momentum of development in equipment design and manufacturing, equipment support, aerospace and other fields.

The core idea of 3D printing technology first originated in the United States in late 19th century, but the prototype was developed until the mid-1980s. In 1986, Charles Hull, an American, invented the first 3D printer. China began to study 3D printing technology in 1991. Around 2000, these processes began to develop from laboratory research to engineering and production. At the time it was called rapid prototyping (RP), prototype before developed. Now also called rapid prototyping technology, additive manufacturing. But for public acceptance, the new technology is called 3D printing.3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, which is based on digital model design and uses powder metal or resin and other adhesive materials to construct 3D objects by means of layer-by-layer "additive" printing.3D printing has been called "the idea and technology of last century, the market of this century". In addition, China has recently made a breakthrough in 3D printing aerospace field. The weight of 3D printing metal components has been reduced from 3kg to 600g, which is 80%.

3D printing features

1) high precision. At present, 3D printing equipment accuracy can be controlled under 0.3mm.

2) short cycle. 3D printing does not need mold, which greatly reduces prototype time. Generally, a prototype can be printed in a few hours or even dozens of minutes.

3) Personalization can be realized. There is no limit to prototype quantity, no matter one or more prototypes can be made at the same cost.

4) diversity of materials. A 3D printing system can often print different materials, and the diversity of materials can meet different requirement.

5) relatively low cost. Although 3D printing systems and materials are now more expensive, if they are used to make personalized products, cost is relatively low.

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