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Common defects and corresponding analysis of die casting products(2)

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Part is not filled at acute angles


1. Inlet of inner gate is too large;

2. die casting machine pressure is too small;

3. Ate Angle ventilation is not good, air can not be discharged.

Adjustment method:

1. Reduce internal gate;

2, change pressure of machine;

3. Improve exhaust system

Structure is loose and strength is not high


1. die casting machine pressure is not enough;

2. internal gate is too small;

3. exhaust hole is blocked.

Adjustment method:

1. Change press;

2. Increase internal gate;

3, check air vent, to repair ventilation.

There are pores in the casting


1. The flow direction of liquid metal is not correct, and mold cavity of die casting will have a positive impact, which will generate eddy current, enveloped air, and generate bubbles;

2. inner gate is too small, flow rate of liquid metal is too high, and air vent is blocked prematurely before air is discharged, so that gas remains in casting;

3. Too deep moving model cavity makes it difficult to ventilate and exhaust;

4. Unreasonable exhaust system design makes exhaust difficult.

Adjustment method:

1. Correct small shunt cone and shape to prevent frontal impact of metal flow on mold cavity;

2. Appropriately increase internal gate;

3. Improved mold design;

4, reasonable design exhaust holes, increase air holes.

Inclusion of impurities in casting part


1,  metal liquid is not clean, there are impurities;

2, alloy composition is not pure;

3. Mold cavity is not clean.

Adjustment method:

1. Pour in, remove impurities and slag;

2. Replace alloy;

3. Clean mold cavity to make it clean.

In process of die - casting, molten metal is splashed out


1. moving and fixed molds are not tightly closed, and clearance is large;

2. Clamping force is enough;

3, pressure maneuvering, fixed template is not parallel.

Adjustment method:

1. Reinstall mold;

2. Increase clamping force;

3. Adjust die casting machine to make moving and fixed molds parallel to each other.

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