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Case Study-Drone Remote Controller Holder

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The Project Development Manager from a global leader of UAV control system and UAV solutions, came to us looking for a solution of the new remote controller.


The idea is add an iPad onto drone remote controller so we can monitor the views from drone’s camera, to connect the remote controller and screen, we need a bendable holder. As we got the message, we put most of our efforts in it, our Chief Excutive Officer gathered all engineers together to discuss details and potential issues of design and manufacturing.


In the first, this holder should be tough enough to hold screen and controller in any cases. For this reason, we choose stainlees steel as material.


How many individual parts of this component you think it has overall? With so many details to achive, the anwser is two, much less than other manufacturing methods, and the reason it can’t be a single part is that it shold be bendable for viewing and saving space when folded. The simplify process really saved a lot of human resource and manual operation costs 

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