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Introduction of AIM technology and development status of AIM production equipment

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MIM and CIM are the two major branches of powder injection molding process. The MIM is a branch of the earliest development is the most mature, known as 21 of the world's most popular parts forming technology, it did not live up to such an honor, the industry continued to develop and grow, and has the special metal injection molding equipment. Now powder injection molding process one of the third major branches: AIM, that is, aluminum alloy injection molding.


In recent years, with the metal injection moulding technology continues to mature and popular, people pay more and more attention to the aluminum alloy which has excellent function of special composite metal, because there are many different kinds of aluminum alloy, nature difference is larger, the surface is easily oxidized characteristic and its the injection forming and ordinary metal or alloy is different, so will appear special aim of aluminum alloy injection forming.



Any process to comprehensive development, the formation of an industry, must to the improvement and upgrading of production equipment for enterprises to improve production efficiency, the aim is no exception. Originally, it was no special equipment and traditional powder metallurgy and injection molding industry, general equipment manufacturing and gold belongs to special equipment for injection molding have been used in the process. But it has its unique characteristics of raw materials, those non dedicated production equipment can not be very good to meet its normal production needs, even if the product can be used to the quality of the product is also greatly reduced.

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