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MIM technology has become the most active cutting-edge technology in the new manufacturing industry

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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new near net- forming powder metallurgy technology which is formed by bringing powder metallurgy in modern injection molding technology. Its basic MIM process is: mixing metal powder and binder evenly at first. Then granulating the mixture, and injecting into mould cavity in plastic state to shape product. Using chemical or thermal decomposition method to remove blanks, final products will be obtained finally after sintering.


Compared with traditional process, metal injection molding (MIM) have several advantages like high precision, uniform organization, superior performance, low production costs. Its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, biomedical equipment, office equipment, automotive, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, weapons and aerospace industries. Therefore, the international generally believe the development of metal injection molding will lead to revolutions on part forming and processing, known as "21st century molding technology."

The Parmatech company from California invented this technology in 1973, in early 80s, many European countries and Japan companies also put a lot of effort on technology research, and promoting. Especially in the mid-eighties, industrialized technology development is more rapid, growing at an alarming rate every year. So far, more than 100 companies from the United States, Western Europe, Japan etc… more than a dozen countries and regions, engaged in product development and sales. Japan is very active in the competition, and performs outstanding. Many large companies are also involved in the promotion of MIM, including Pacific Metal, Mitsubishi Steel, Kawasaki Iron and Steel, Kobe Steel, Sumitomo Mining, Seiko, Epson, Datong Steel, and so on. At present, Japan has more than 40 companies specialized in MIM industry. The sales value of MIM product has already surpassed Europe and caught up with the United States. MIM technology has become the most active cutting-edge technology in the new businesses. It’s the world's pioneer metallurgical technology, representing the main development direction of powder metallurgy Technology.

Metal powder injection molding technology combines the plastic molding process, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology, metal materials and other multidisciplinary. It can be said a new change for manufacturing industry. The process not only has the advantages of conventional powder metallurgy technology --no need cutting or cutting less, high economic efficiency, but also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional powder metallurgy such as material uneven, low mechanical properties.

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