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Process and production of powder metallurgy gear

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Powder injection molding manufacturer ZCMIM ( gives you a brief description about basic producing processes of powder metallurgy. The first is the preparation of raw material powder, the current powder metallurgical milling methods are mainly mechanical method and physical-chemical method.


Wherein physical-chemical method, it can be divided into reduction method, compound method and electrolysis method. Using powder to form desired shape , the main purpose is made a certain shape and size. And it has a certain density and strength. Molding methods can basically be divided into non-pressure molding and compression forming.


Sintered is the most critical process in powder metallurgy technology. Molding blanks can obtain the final desired mechanical properties after sintering. Sintering temperature should be slightly lower than the melting point of metals and alloys. Sintering some alloys, wherein the control temperature is lower than the melting point of its refractory component, but above the melting point of fusible components. The final step is forming. By machining to process gears as desired.

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