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Powder metallurgy friction reducing material

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According to different matrix elements, powder metallurgy friction reducing materials are divided into ferrous materials and copper based materials. Iron and graphite powder alloy and iron - sulphur graphite powder alloy. The organization of the former pearlitic matrix and iron prime body + carbonization + graphite and pore, hardness 30-110HBS; the latter organization in addition to the same with the former organization, and sulphides, can further improve antifriction, hardness is 35-70HBS.


Copper based friction reducing material is commonly used in bronze powder and graphite powder alloy, the hardness of 20-40HBS, with good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and anti occlusion, but the bearing capacity is smaller than the iron base friction material.

Powder metallurgy reducing friction material generally used in the manufacture of medium speed, light load bearing, especially suitable for manufacturing cannot often gas bearing, such as textile machinery, machinery, food machinery, household appliances, such as bearing, in automobile, tractor, motor of the machine tool is also applied.

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