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Sintering - hardening of iron - based products by injection molding

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In MIM, Iron - based injection products are the most widely used hard materials, the biggest characteristic of this kind material is good comprehensive performance, wide use performance range, and lowest material price. And can be formed martensite microstructure by tempering surface layer or whole product, and hardness can be improved by sintering and hardening treatment instead of subsequent quenching and hardening or heat treatment.

Sintering - hardening is a process in which iron - based products (with carbon content of 0.3~0.9%) are rapidly cooled after sintering to form almost all martensite microstructure. Purpose of sintering - hardening is to harden metal products during cooling phase after sintering in sintering furnace. Therefore, in critical transition temperature range, cooling rate is most important. Layer whose cooling rate is greater than critical quenching rate forms martensite structure, while central part whose cooling rate is lower than critical quenching rate forms non-martensite structure. Mechanical properties of iron - based powder products are closely related to quantity, size, distribution and morphology of pores in their microstructure.

The advantages of sintering-hardening process over conventional heat treatment (oil quenching and hardening) are as follows:

1. Cancel subsequent complicated oil quenching and hardening treatment;

2. As fierce oil quenching is removed, distortion and deformation of iron-based powder products are reduced, and size of products is easier to control;

3. Sintered and hardened products do not need to be de-oiled prior to final operation (e.g., prior to plating).

Sintering and hardening treatment of iron based powder products can obtain same microstructure and mechanical properties as conventional heat treatment, which can eliminate traditional operation of reheating austenitization - oil quenching with batch furnace, not only saves energy, but also reduces production cost. After sintering and hardening, metal products should be tempered, which can increase mechanical properties of products and reduce size expansion.

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