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Six advantages of Metal injection molding technology

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In recent years, industrialization process of metal injection molding in China has developed rapidly, more and more qualify production enterprises of MIM have emerged. MIM is abbreviation of metal injection molding. Metal injection molding utilizes the characteristics of powder metallurgy technology to produce parts with high density, good mechanical properties and surface quality. At the same time, it combined characteristics of plastic injection molding to produce complex structure parts in large quantities and efficiently. 

Six major advantages of metal injection molding technology:

1. Produce metal parts with highly complex structure

Traditional metal processing is generally processed products by methods of turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, boring, etc. Due to technical cost and time cost, such products are difficult to achieve complex structures. MIM shaping green part by injection molding machine, that keep material fully fills the mold cavity, thus ensuring the realization of high-complex structure of part.

2. Metal injection molding product microstructure is uniform, have high density and good performance

In general, density of pressed products can only reach 85% of the theoretical density; but Metal injection molding product density can reaches more than 96%.

3. High efficiency, easy to achieve high volume and large scale production

Metal mold used in Metal injection molding technology, it has same using life as plastic injection molding tool. MIM is suitable for mass production of parts due to the use of metal molds.

4. Wide range of applicable materials and applications 

Iron-based, low-alloy, high-speed steel, stainless steel, valve alloy, hard alloy, and so on are all suitable for MIM molding.

5. Sharply saving raw materials

Generally, metal utilization rate of metal processing is relatively low. For example, the utilization rate of the metal casing of LeTV MAX mobile phone is less than 10%, and most of metal material becomes debris. Metal injection molding can greatly improve the utilization of raw material, theoretically can achieve 100% utilization.

6. MIM process uses micron-sized fine powder

It can accelerate sintering shrinkage, help to improve mechanical properties of the material, prolong fatigue life of the material, and improve stress corrosion resistance and magnetic properties.

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