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Advantages of metal parts manufacturer in China

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We listed four advantages of metal injection molding factory in China, which same as most Chinese factories.

1. Lower costs

Yep. We all know this one. 

And, yep in some conditions you need to considering the shipping and duties, the costs of manufacturing in China are possibly not that cheap. But in most cases, it's cheaper to manufacture in China (and for a variety of reasons). Not much more needs to be said.

Before you dismiss the importance of manufacturing your product for less, I would recommend speaking to anyone who has ever worked a day in retail. He or she will undoubtedly tell you that lower cost almost ALWAYS better for sales. (And please don't give me the "What about Burberry? What about Louis Vittuon?" because those companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing to help boost the brand as a luxury product. And you won't.)

Of course the quanlity is more important than cost, when we don’t have exhaustive information before we cooperated with Chinese factories, we better do factory audit, if we really don’t have stuffs to do that, some professional in the market could give help.

As an advanced metal injection molding factory in China, ZCMIM always welcome clients to come to visit plant, it’s always a good start for longer colabration in future.

2. Better Service

It’s the truth that Chinese manufacturers are far more likely to give you better service from the outset as a small startup than domestic manufacturers. 

According to a local business man, “In the two retail businesses I've started, I reached out to domestic manufacturers first. In both situations, I either never received a phone call back from the person I spoke with or I was simply told that I was too small of a business for them to work with. This was my experience with each of the five to seven American factories that I spoke with. Who knows? Maybe yours will be different.

On the other hand, I never had difficulty finding a Chinese factory that was willing to work with me as a smaller company ("smaller company" = I'm not Walmart). The only time a factory refused my business was because I couldn't meet their high minimum requirements (more on this later in the 'Cons' section.) But if I could meet their requirements, then they wanted to do business. 

Trust me, you can't take for granted that just because you're willing to pay for goods, someone is willing to make them for you.”


3. Higher Output/Quicker Time

When a Chinese factory tells you they can produce your order in four weeks, they produce your order in four weeks. Based on many local business workers, this isn't always be sure in the U.S. On several occasions, I've heard the common complaint that domestic manufacturing capacity was limited in capacity or time or, at the very least, not nearly as robust as Chinese factories.

In fact, Chinese factory quick and aggressive turnaround times are impressive. I know some of you may claim unfair labor treatment as the reason for this, but if you have ever actually done business in China before, you should know that many (but not all) of the factories indeed operate properly and pay their laborers a fair Chinese wage.


4. Duplication Capabilities

I'm not here advocating that you copy anyone. In fact, depending on what you're doing, you're more than likely going to find yourself in litigation if you do. 

But for whatever it is that you're manufacturing, you don't always need to reinvent the wheel, at least for some of it. For example, if you're manufacturing shirts and you like the fit of Shirt Brand ABC, then buying Shirt Brand ABC and asking your Chinese factory to duplicate its dimensions and fit is an easy way to begin your product-building process.

Metal injection molding has great advantages when producing massive quantity of high precision metal parts, no one would be better than ZCMIM in China on this. Send a message through this, you'll be in touch within 24 hours.

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