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Development of powder metallurgy structural parts in South Korea

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   The main users of powder metallurgy structural parts of modern automobile company (Hyundai Kia Motor Co) is South Korea's largest car manufacturer, the main user is powder metallurgy parts, with about 70 parts per car, 6.5 K, followed by Daewoo (Deawoo), SSangyong and Reynolds (Re - a Samsung NAULT - Samsung Motor Co) automobile company. South Korea's powder metallurgy manufacturers for automotive production of various structural components, such as engine, camshaft, seat belt wheel and the cam clutch hoop, piston ring gear box (the fort piston), synchronizer hoop and sliding key, in addition to the shock absorber, steering and brake parts. In 1996, the proportion of automotive components in the whole structure parts was 78%, which increased to 85% in 2003. The average weight of the powder metallurgy parts on each car in South Korea has increased from about 4.5 kg in 1996 to slightly more than 6.5 kg. in 2003. It is expected that the automobile output and the powder metallurgy weight of each vehicle will continue to increase.

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